Pacific Region

Amanda Hodgson

Members of the Pacific Ocean Region of the Sirenia Specialist Group have offered support and technical advice on a number of dugong projects throughout the region.

We continue to contribute to the GEF Project, “Enhancing The Conservation Effectiveness of Seagrass Ecosystems Supporting Globally Significant Populations of Dugongs Across the Indian and Pacific Ocean Basins” by offering technical advice to individual projects and attending technical workshops.

We have provided advice and support for the development of a dugong and seagrass project in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands, and assisted SPREP with proposal writing for funds for dugong projects. Members have also provided suggestions on the options for research on dugongs in Timor Leste, and intend to provide further technical guidance on that project.

We are also working in collaboration with the co-chairs of the Indian Ocean Region Group on planning and developing a technical workshop in early 2016 to provide researchers from dugong range states with guidance on commonly used research methodologies. The aim is to help researchers collect standardised data on the dugongs that will provide information on the status and distribution of their populations in a manner that is comparable across the dugong’s range.

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